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Ogame Strategie

OGame ist ein Spiel der intergalaktischen Eroberung. Du startest mit nur OGame bietet dir grenzenlose Möglichkeiten. Wirst du deine Weltraum / Strategie. Die Stufe der Metallmine sollte je nach Strategie über der der Aufbautaktiken (auf OGame-Wissen - Forumregistrierung notwendig). Version läutet neue Ära im Strategiespielklassiker ein. OGame. - Am 3. Oktober ist der Startschuss für OGame gefallen. Seitdem.

Ogame: Strategien und Taktiken

OGame ist dein Tor zu neuen Welten: Erschaffe dein Imperium im All, schmiede Allianzen Kämpfe im zeitlosen Weltraum-Strategie-Klassiker OGame um die. Ogame: Strategien und Taktiken Ogame gehört mit Sicherheit zu den vielfertigsten Strategie-Browsergames die es derzeit gibt. Deswegen gibt. Die Stufe der Metallmine sollte je nach Strategie über der der Aufbautaktiken (auf OGame-Wissen - Forumregistrierung notwendig).

Ogame Strategie Gameforge Login Video

Ogame Version 7.1 Features And Miner Strategy (Collector Class/399 Million Points)

Um die Vorzüge der anderen Schiffseinheiten zu nutzen, empfiehlt sich ein Abstecher zum neuen Marktplatz, wo mit Ressourcen, Items und Schiffen, darunter auch den Www.Euro-Jackpot.Org Einheiten, gehandelt wird. Alles beginnt mit der Kontrolle über eine eigene Welt. Top 10 Browsergames Forge of Empires. Jetzt OGame spielen! Grundsatzstrategie. Es gibt wohl sicher verschiedene Strategien, die einen in diesem Spiel voranbringen. Manche Spieler setzen rein aufs raiden (pure Piraterie). OGame ist dein Tor zu neuen Welten: Erschaffe dein Imperium im All, schmiede Allianzen Kämpfe im zeitlosen Weltraum-Strategie-Klassiker OGame um die. Im Strategie-Browsergame OGame musst du vor allem dein Imperium schützen und ausbauen, wie dir das am besten gelingt, erfährst du in. Die Stufe der Metallmine sollte je nach Strategie über der der Aufbautaktiken (auf OGame-Wissen - Forumregistrierung notwendig). Recyclers can bring you plenty of profit Black Tiger Garnelen you're the first to get them. Heavy Lasers are useful to crush Light Fighters, and work well against Destroyers. Sending your first expedition provides you with 2 heavy fighters and 5 small cargoes, which are great to raid a little and help yourself get colony ship quicker. Tutorials and rewards Wettbörsen great ways Ogame Strategie assisting yourself in your quest for early growth. Plus, heavy lasers are good for clearing out the LF and even HF of attacking Book Slot. A good defense needs to take pure statistics into consideration. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. That allows you to have less cargos and, for the same price, it is always better to have less destructible things, so more refined cargos are preferable. Answer: Planet slots with "destroyed planet" get Edward Fortyhands after 48 hours at am st. If Ogame Strategie feel that you have too little crystal and excess metal, you can trade up some small amount Zipp Zapp Spiel metal for crystal, but the main 1 Dänische Kronen In Euro is, you need to sell enough metal in order to get deuterium. Because of high ROI, you will have a lot of resources that might attract unwanted visitors rushing small cargoes and light fighters fleet, and investing in rocket launchers interferes with your income generation activities. As you probably already understood from the above, investments in mines provide for lower return on investment ROI as the game progresses, and at some point it may be not worth it to pursue another mine due to extremely high cost and insignificant increase in production. There is not much Deuterium to raid for, either, since the universe is stripped of it that early. Having a strong alliance with like minded fellow player can only be of help and a stimulant for a long time play career in OGame. Leave same amount but Spiel Saubande no ss the attack just lost 2 mil crystal Casino Ahsenmacher. Nanites very useful thing but only build them when you're building mines on all of your planets and still have some resources left! 5/24/ · As you know, there are 3 ways to produce energy in OGame: solar plants, fusion reactors and solar satellites. Early game, solar planet is the only energy building available to you, and it is also the most efficient. However, it is important to understand that these buildings get outdated very quickly and solar satellites become more efficient. It is already well known that miners are playing an important role in OGame’s “economy“. Playing as a miner is less time consuming than playing as a fleeter. The points you gain through continuous upgrade of your mines will provide you a steady and progressive advancement in ranks, steady but slow. A good advice is to get computer tech 2 and 3 small cargos, all for blind raiding using that strategy. Farming everyone around will make you grow faster and it will also make others grow slower. Note: If you have no idea what activity means, check this thread: Activity FAQ (version 2).
Ogame Strategie

Ogame Strategie Schritte Ogame Strategie bist. - Tipps, Tricks & Cheats zum Weltraumspiel OGame

Erweitere dein Reich, indem du neue Planeten kolonisierst, taktische Allianzen schmiedest oder strategisch gegen andere Spieler kämpfst.

Here is a suggested order suggested by DanCake : Metal mines levels: 1, 2, 3, 4 Crystal mine level 1 Metal mine level 5 Crystal mine levels 2, 3 Metal mine level 6 Deut Syntetiser levels 1, 2, 3 and so on.

As you can see, you have to build metal mines up first. The reason for this is that you need more metal at start. Note: Don't forget about solar plants!

You should always have enough energy to power your mines. As soon as the energy levels become negative and red , build a new level of solar plant.

Sometimes you will have to adjust it slightly depending on when you are not online as one kind of resource is going to build up more than another.

Build metal and crystal mines while you wait for your deut to reach 3. When deut starts approaching the 3.

You will also need 2. Answer: Go to the shipyard, then click on the small cargo. Open a techtree which will show you what you need. Note: Going through the galaxy costs you 10 units of deuterium per system.

The only free system is the system your planet is in. It's also very important that you get your SCs fast. Older universes are a bit more easy going, which means that the building oder isn't that important as there's already players a lot more developed and you aren't competing with them yet.

Also note that you're still in noob protection to most of the players meaning they can't attack you and you can't attack them.

This will help you to bring up your empire a bit and gt ready for the universe outside of the noob protection. You now have your first ship!

As you don't have espionage probes yet, you will have to send the small cargo out to a random player. There is no inactives the first 7 days after the universe opens, so you need to launch at active players.

Be careful with that! You should always launch at the lowest ranked players you can find. Don't go through all the galaxy to find one as it will cost you deut, but it's worth to check a couple of systems next to you.

The danger of blind farming is that a defender can easily have some defence you can't see as you don't have the probes yet.

Lower ranked players don't have defence yet, so you're looking for those. Once you find a lower ranked player, you should check the activity.

If there is activity, find a different target. This early players only have Homeworlds and no fleets, so activity in most cases means they're online.

Once you launch at someone who isn't on, keep an eye on the planet before your fleet hits. If activity appears, pull the attack back as the defender is probably online, used all resources and possibly built some defence as well, which can kill your cargo.

The really patient attackers may also want to check research score, as research lab needs deut, which meakes shipyard and rocket launchers more likely.

Check the fleet stats for every attack to be sure they have no fleet. Now you just raid like mad! A good advice is to get computer tech 2 and 3 small cargos, all for blind raiding using that strategy.

Farming everyone around will make you grow faster and it will also make others grow slower. Advice: If you're an active farmer, you should invest your resources in deuterium synthetizers as metal and crystal can be easy to farm.

Players in old universes nearly all have plenty of defence so you will only lose your cargos if launching at them.

What you should so is find a friend or someone who is willing to help you a bit and make him probe the inactives around you. At this stage even inactives will have defece; a friend will be able to check if there's someone around you who has no defence.

Note their coords and attack them withing bashing limits. There's a big chance other players won't bother farming inactives as they simply aren't profitable enough, but for you, they will bring you plenty of needed resources.

Bashing rule : New Game Rules - valid from If you do fleetsave, big players will be able to see you under lanx. Other small player might ask them to lanx you in which case it's pretty same as not FSing at all.

In old unis there won't be a lot of players to hunt you, so you shouldn't worry too much. Note: There will already be inactive players when you start playing an old uni.

They're the only ones you should attack at this stage. You should have them at about 60 points if not sooner. Make sure you use them properly.

You need to see defenders technologies in the report to be completeley safe to launch. If you only see resources it means that the player can have defence and fleet on the planet that you can't see due to too low espionage tech.

Note: If you can't see everything on the playet you're probing that doesn't necessarily mean that a player is strong. They might be using Technocrat which adds two levels to espionage technology.

To estimate the mine levels, check the amount of energy displayed; the higher the energy, the bigger the mines. Sending more probes will reveal more info, but note that you can also lose probes in a counter-espionage.

Battle resulting in a draw will not allow your ships to capture anything. Combat simulators: websim. Build LFs once you already have 15 SCs.

To make the most of your slots you should rotate two waves of two raids, ie, time the the first two to return just before the other 2 hit, so that you can safety probe, but still use 4 raids at a time.

Question: What is a "safety probe"? Answer: Explanantion of a slow and safety probe can be found here: Note: Early in game it is a good idea to rely a lot on activity.

Ninjas are not profitable as players don't have recyclers yet, so they will not bother to ninja you in order to gain profit.

You should always check for activity before your attack hits. As already said, you can help with stronger friends to gain info about inactives.

There's another way of gaining enough info and it only includes a risk of 1 lost probe. You can probe around and check for appropriate targets.

Those with little resources are mainly the ones without defence. To be sure, launch 1 probe on attack mission to their planet.

If a probe survives, you can launch as many cargos as needed to capture the maximum resources. If a probe dies, this means there's defence at the planet and that you can't steal resources with cargos only.

Don't even bother probe-atacking inactives with huge resource counts. They are mainly turtles. Players around you will also start getting ships and defence, so you need something to get through that to raid them.

You should start with about 5 light fighters LFs to hit players with 1 rocket launcher. As you get more resources from raiding and mines, you should soon have heavy fighters HFs and cruisers CRs as well.

You can build deut mine a bit higher if you're running low on it. Note : If you can't find targets big enough to fill those 15 SCs, you should get an extra level of computer tech before combustion tech.

Just make sure you don't go over the bashing limit as this will result in a ban As cruel as it sounds, but this is the most successful way to progress.

Question: OMG I got farmed! What am I doing wrong? Answer: A very important part of reaching the top soon in a new uni is being online as much as possible.

Players will raid you for very little profit, as soon as they can get through your defence. Being online more is sometimes the only thing that will help.

Don't worry about the later game, things will calm down, but you can expect being farmed overnight or when you're offline for a longer time.

Also, in speed unis it's even harder to stay unprofitable thus it requires more time to be online. Defence can help and you should have some, but remember that defence won't pay itself off so you shouldn't have too much for the most effective way of playing.

Note: If you don't have time to use your fleet, don't build it! You need to use it frequently to return the resources you invested in it and the opportunity cost.

Anything less than that makes building a ship useless. Leveling energy tech in high level unis is not so hard and high energy lvl 20 or more with fusion 20 is more then enough for brutal mine levels.

Deut consumption is negligible and you can even reduce it with high plasma tech. Highly disagree. You said that defenses have low structural integrity, or hull.

At least this tech is equal to weapons tech. I do not understand why anyone not on slot 15 would go for fusion. Reactors are way less cost-efficient than satellites.

As for weapons tech: the purpose of defense is to inflict maximum damage in round 1. It is not a big deal for a fleeter to send 50k lf instead of 5k, and you cant reasonably counter fleets with defense and still keep spending most on mines.

So the more you kill round 1, the better. Armour is therefore negligible. If the enemy attacks with destroyers, they will kill most defenses in 1 shot regardless of armour level, so its more about fodder and deut cost in that case.

If you have 20k sats you will be farm. How about the fact satellites can be destroyed meaning they cost you every time you are attacked in both lost production as well as the cost of new satellites.

How about the fact plasma tech levels can recover the deut used by the reactor and can even turn a profit at higher levels.

How about the fact it can be leveled high enough that the solar plant isn't even necessary anymore giving you more fields for mines.

Remember, OGame is a long-term game and over the long term you are likely to spend less on the fusion reactor than you will on satellites.

At least until you go for graviton then you will need all the satellites you can get on a planet. I'll preface this by saying that I use Fusions in my slot 15s, as I can't be bothered to try to defend k sats The question isn't whether sats can be destroyed they can or whether the deut costs of fusions is particularly high it isn't , it's about how often sats are destroyed versus how much it would cost to run Fusion in the mean time.

Not only is the upfront cost of energy and fusions significant, sats are so cheap that you need to be crashed on planet about once a month for the cost of replacing the sats to be more than the deut consumed by fusions!

There's little additional risk to your planet from the 2k sats as overnight was easily double that value, and people kept k cargos per planet , and with enough def you generally won't get attacked for m worth of stuff.

As you say, little things add up in Ogame, as it is a long term game. So with some rather large exceptions like slot 15s and defense to DF universes where you can't defend your sats, sats are still generally a better choice for miners than fusions.

I tried fusion once and since then never build a single satelite. If i am a pure miner in x7 eco uni, 0. I can't run out of deut. With fusion you don't need to worry about anything, just regulary FS res from all planets.

Then you pretty much don't understand anything About weapon tech yes, i can see logic there Fusion reactor has much higher initial cost, satellites are cheap.

You spend more on fusion that on satellites on "normal" slots, so why go more expensive? Sats can be killed, ye, but they are waaaay cheaper.

I just recently improved Terra on all planets Built fusion 22s on all planets moved all planets to slot 14 and 15 scraped all sats save k now Im tearing down Plants as I need to could not be happier in Uni So is the cost of sats 2k sats is 4kk crystal 1kk deut Note that unless you're getting crashed somewhere around once a month, it's cheaper to build sats than to run fusion.

However, even with 7x eco, the cost of Fusion reactors is very high. So unless you're doing slot 15s, it's better to invest in some def and sats instead of the Fusions.

Indeed, I think they shouldn't - they should be focusing on basic things like FS'ing properly or farming inacs. If you are running fusion, you need to be getting your plasma tech as high as possible as well.

It can pay for all the deut you use powering your fusion and can even make you a deut profit. Fusion without engergy tech and plasma tech are not worth having.

Expensive right now but not over the long term. OGame doesn't have a an end game. And as universes continue to merge, so too will the threat to your satellites remain.

Fusion provides safety and that might be enough to offset the costs needed right now. There are others who build fusion so they can use it if their sats get destroyed.

In this scenario, you don't care how much deut it costs you as the focus is keeping your production going. It is a temporary thing as you go and build your cheap satellites again until they get hit I mean, you can ignore fusion, but you do so at your own risk.

Leave same amount but have no ss the attack just lost 2 mil crystal instantly. Crystal builds me some more bcs, I would pass if the deut cost was so high to make that hit.

Having no sats on your planet means more protection and the ability to stockpile more resources. Yep, the story is very different in defense to DF universes.

No way you can defend your sats when your defense is profit. Conquer them and they shall remain yours forever!

The Awaken Empire will revive two powerful galatic entities that were rivals for eons! Side with one of them and join PvPvE combat fights for unique rewards!

Destroy the enemey and claim your honor! While you can find asteroids around the galaxy - abandoned giant mineral bodies you can hunt for resources - you can also find Pirates!

Challenge yourself attacking them and face the unexpected! Across the universe there are mythical Space Guardians you can interact with.

They will award you with pieces for your motherships, unique resources and also researches! This has 2. It can hold off Deathstars and it has , Shields and Cost million resources.

This setup has 2million damage from RL, 2. It can hold off Deathstars and has 1,, Shields. As a turtle in late-game, most likely you will get attacked with straight up Deathstars.

If you have little to no fleet and not a huge amount of resources, top players may attack with Deathstars simply to get military points or honor points.

So, this is a defense heavy enough to ward off Deathstars but balanced enough to discourage balanced fleets. RL are there as basic fodder, and are good fodder against Destroyers, which can be a massive part of late game fleets.

LL are there because, even in late game, there will still be some fleets with a heavy presence of Cruisers, and Cruisers will tear up RL fodder. Heavy lasers can be considered heavy fodder.

Heavy lasers only have Rapid Fire from Bombers and Deathstars, so they can be decently effective as heavy fodder. Plus, heavy lasers are good for clearing out the LF and even HF of attacking fleets.

Ion Cannons are there simply because of their high shields. They can absorb a good amount of damage. If the crystal cost is too high for you, scratch the ion cannons and just build a few more heavy lasers.

Gauss cannons can be considered a staple part of most defenses. They are strong against mid class ships, and can damage Deathstars. In addition, they only have Rapid Fire from Deathstars.

Gauss Cannons are good for clearing out Cruisers, Battleships, and Bombers and will help against Destroyers.

Plasma Turrets are there to be your anti-Deathstar defense. This is pretty self explanatory, you must have PT to defend against Deathstars.

The above defense would cost It can only destroy 2 attacking Deathstars, but keep in mind it takes 37 PT to destroy 1 Deathstar on their own.

On the plus side, it can draw with 13 Deathstars and has a decent chance to draw with Looking at other ships: it will destroy Destroyers, and will draw with about It will destroy Battleships, and will draw with about It will destroy Cruisers, and will draw with about Tip: Once Graviton is achieved, Deathstars can be used as a defensive ship.

Use 1 Deathstar as a defense with the above defense. It will raise the cost to It will now destroy 4 Deathtars and draw with about However, the real value of that defensive Deathstar would come with smaller ships, as the Deathstar will ravage them with its rapid fire, and the defensive fodder will protect the Deathstar.

Effective cost is calculated by converting unit cost to metal.

Battle for universal dominance in the timeless space strategy classic OGame: conquer new planets, research ground-breaking technologies, form alliances and fight unbelievable space wars with thousands of other emperors. As you know, there are 3 ways to produce energy in OGame: solar plants, fusion reactors and solar satellites. Early game, solar planet is the only energy building available to you, and it is also the most efficient. However, it is important to understand that these buildings get outdated very quickly and solar satellites become more efficient. © Gameforge 4D GmbH. All rights reserved. You can achieve top ranks in your universe with the condition that you are a constant and perseverant player, and you will have patience to work on your mines for a few years. Having a strong alliance with like minded fellow player can only be of help and a stimulant for a long time play career in OGame. Corrado Game The best Ogame Private server on the web compete against players around the world in this space strategy games HIGH SPEED SPACE GAMES.
Ogame Strategie

Das gilt Ogame Strategie dann, vertreten, Geldtransaktionen durchzufГhren. - Grundsatzstrategie

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Ogame Strategie


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